Some times things take time

My 10 year old son and I watched all of the NBA finals game on TV and he watched most of last nights game before he crashed for the night. He’s a big time LeBron James fan so I couldn’t help but root for them as well. Yesterday he had a long, busy day and by the 4th quarter he passed out and we put him to bed. 

When he woke up this morning he could tell by my face what happened. As we drove to his first day of camp he grabbed my phone, tapped on Twitter and then tapped on Moments and went to the NBA tab and devoured all of the tweets from Game 7 last night

“Kyrie is the man”


“Oh my god, did you see LeBron’s block”

“LeBron is crying.” 

On and on I heard the commentary of a joyous fan in the back seat of the car. 

There was a pretty negative reaction from the tech blogs when Twitter Moments first shipped. Many long time Twitter users said they didn’t want it.

I think Twitter Moments has come a long way. It’s now my go to place for breaking news and for sports it’s wonderful. 

In our tech industry it is easy to be obsessed with the latest and greatest creations, inventions and discoveries. After all it’s an industry and community filled with folks that are making new things or experimenting with new ideas.

Yet this endless curiosity and fascination is often coupled with a quick rush to judgement.

Beyond Twitter Moments, there are other examples as well. Apple’s Siri was treated harshly when it came out (and still does). But Siri has come a long way and I love it now and use it nearly every day. 

Same thing with Apple Watch.

It happens with startups as well. Things take time to evolve, refine and get right. 

New ideas and new products don’t have to be an overnight hit to be great. Most of the time they aren’t. 

Some things take time and that’s okay with me.