Thank you Elsa Dorfman

Over the weekend Megan sent me this story about how legendary photographer Anton Corbijn is retiring.

The last line was especially noteworthy.

Photography as a slow pursuit is being lost, and Mr Corbijn is unwilling to spend his time to speed it up to today’s pace.

Thankfully there are still artists that are maintaining the ‘slow pursuit’ even though it’s often impossibly hard.

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Elsa Dorfman in her Cambridge studio. Elsa is now 77 years young and making photographs with her massive Polaroid 20×24 — one of only handful made in the 1970′s.

This old wooden camera is huge. It makes instant photos that are 20″x 24″.

There is nothing easy about using this camera or the process. But the work is lovely and unique and so is the artist behind the camera.

This is a scan of the family photograph Elsa made for us. The print is wonderful (the scan doesn’t really do it justice). I can’t wait to hang it on our wall.

Elsa has a few boxes of film left for her marvelous camera. After that it’s done.

Thank you, Elsa. We love it.