Only on Twitter

I am often asked about Twitter’s prospects in a world of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

While those services are all popular products, they aren’t Twitter.

Twitter is the only place to have an open public conversation. Comments on Instagram posts are fine but limited to the author and the commenter at best. The commenter is subordinate to the author. There isn’t a public conversation with snapchat stories. And Facebook is really about private conversations.

A good recent example happened yesterday. I am excited about the new AppleTV because it’s now open for developers. I tweeted that out.

My friend @fredwilson tweeted back with a counter argument and we had a fun and interesting back and forth. A few other jumped into the mix which was great. Then @pmarca retweeted one of my replies which expanded the public conversation and the public discourse continued.

There are many things I love about Twitter. The people. The simplicity. The immediacy. The transparency. The mission. The community. That blue bird.

But the dynamic, public conversation experience is uniquely Twitter.

There is nothing else like it.