Korea, day 1

After a 13 hour flight from Los Angeles, we arrived in Incheon International airport which is about an hour drive to Seoul.

It was a long journey and we slept very little. But you could feel the excitement amongst us. On the drive we installed Kakao Talk on our phones. Kakao is the dominant messaging app in South Korea and we wanted to be able to connect with relatives and other people we met locally. And it’s interesting to try something new.

By the time we arrived at our hotel in downtown Seoul it was close to 8pm local time. Fatigue and hunger was setting in. We quickly dropped off our bags, changed and walked a few blocks in the pouring rain to an amazing restaurant called Yoonga-Myung-Ga. It is on the top floor of Lotto Department Store.

Our dinner was delicious. The menu was comprised of traditional and modern dishes. The restaurant had the same mix of traditional and modern characteristics. Apparently they have live traditional music but we had arrived too late. The staff was gracious and beyond kind. They gave us presents on the way out which took me by surprise. I loved listening to my mom explaining what each meal was about and some of the other traditional about the dinner.

After dinner the rain and humidity cleared. We walked back to our hotel by midnight.

We have plans to explore Seoul today. The sun is out right now and I can’t wait to see what today has I store for us.

(Please excuse typos and lack of links. I am writing this post on my phone)

ps: I am not going to tweet out a link to each journal post on this trip.