The long awaited trip to Korea

My mother is from Korea. She moved to New York in the 1960’s for her medical residency. She met my dad and the rest is history.

I have only been to Korea once. I was about 10 years old I think. I remember a few scenes. I remember learning how to bow to my grandfather. I remember how funny I thought it was I could have rice with breakfast. My pillow also had rice inside. I remember meeting a few cousins and walking around an old house which I’m told is no longer there. I don’t speak any Korean except for a few polite words of courtesy and I can still count to ten only because of the countless hours of Tae Kwon Do lessons growing up.

My wife, Lauren, and the kids have never been to Korea. And neither has my father. We all love Korean food. Well, my dad doesn’t truly love it but he acts like he does.

So today we are changing that. In a few hours we all are all catching a flight and heading to Korea for a few weeks. Lauren’s mom is joining us as well. We are starting in Seoul and then exploring the country.

I have two film cameras and a whole lot of film with me. I will try to write about our trip along the way and share an occasional iPhone photograph. Otherwise I’ll share the film scans a few weeks after my return when they are back from the lab.

I have been eagerly awaiting this trip. The chance to spend time with my family in a place where I am from, yet have limited understanding.

Here we go.