When a watch beats a phone

I have been using an Apple Watch for the past month. I thought I wouldn’t care for it since I adore mechanical watches.

The iPhone is easily my favorite consumer product of all time. It’s hard to describe how much of an impact it has brought and continues to deliver on a daily basis.

But there are times when a watch beats a phone. In my personal experience here are the experiences when that is true:

-Apple Passport. Using your wrist for TSA and to board a plane is amazing.

-Maps. Getting turn by turn notifications and physical taps on your wrist feels so natural and helpful.

-Receiving txt messages and responding with brief preset messages or emoji is a huge improvement.

-Siri on Apple Watch beats Siri on my phone. No idea why but I use Siri a ton more

-Controlling music. I listen to music every day on my phone. Being able to skip a track, control the audio and see the artist and song information on my wrist is great.

-Foursquare notifications. Getting push notification when I am walking near a restaurant or into a restaurant with a tip feels truly magical.

-Fitness stuff. No brainier. Little watch is way better than dealing with a big honking phone on a run.

-Telling the time :)

And for a first generation product, that ain’t bad.