Switzerland, day 7

We left Zermatt after breakfast yesterday. (Related: I had Nutella with my toast. I know I can buy it back in the States but it just feels like I’m supposed to have it here with my espresso.)

The 2.5 hour trip was beautiful but extremely hot. My watch said it was 29 degrees Celsius outside but it felt much more extreme in the train. By the time we arrived in Zurich we were fading.

Outside the train, and the first time since our arrival in Switzerland, we jumped into a car and picked up a short ride to our hotel.. We just needed a little relief from the heat and our luggage felt 5x heavier than reality.

At the hotel we had an iced latte and sat in the shade overlooking the Limmat. By the time we finished our drinks we were refreshed and recharged. We grabbed our bathing suits, took a few towels from the hotel room and walked along the river until we came upon Seebad Enge.

The Seebad Enge is a cool spot with a few docks and a bar serving drinks and light snacks. We paid 16 swiss francs to get inside. It was a pretty busy scene but really fun as well. We met a nice young Swiss fellow who was enjoying his cigarette as he was sunbathing. He seemed happy we had a great visit to his country. He explained he just left his recent job and was taking 6 months off. He gave us a disapproving nod that our vacation was coming to an end so quickly.

We enjoyed the better part of the afternoon and early evening at the Seebad Enge. The water was super refreshing and it felt so good on such a hot day. I forgot I was wearing my Apple Watch but it seems to be working just fine.

Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel and changed for dinner. We had a delicious meal at Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten which is right along the river. After dinner, the heat finally broke so we went for our last walk all over this city, seemingly from one end to another. We talked about future plans and hopefully one day we can find a way to live in Europe for a few years.

We are heading back home today. I am so grateful we had this opportunity to celebrate our anniversary together.