An amazing document scanner

Over the past 8 years of keeping this blog, I have only written about buying a scanner once. That was back in 2007 about the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500.

And it has served me since then. I scan most everything. Legal documents, kids drawings, photos, misc instructions, sentimental notes. Fast and reliable. 

But that system has not kept up with the times. It’s not wireless and it doesn’t work with our mobile devices. 

Last week I was having lunch with my friend Stu. He recommended the latest model of my scanner — the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

Stu recommended the earlier scanner so naturally I took his recommendation once again and bought it.

It’s a wonderful product. It’s even faster than the earlier model. It can handle more documents at once. And I can scan documents wirelessly & directly to our iOS devices which is a major convenience. From there I can transfer to my Dropbox, email or sign

Apparently you can also scan documents to your Mac/PC wirelessly. I have not been able to get that working but I’m not terribly motivated to figure that out since wireless scans to iOS devices is all I really need. 

Great product. Highly recommended. (Thanks Stu!).