Introducing our new partner, Kevin Thau

We have exciting news at Spark Capital and I am delighted to share it with you.

Today we are announcing Kevin Thau is joining us as a General Partner based in our new office in San Francisco. His professional bio is on our website here.

My partners and I have known Kevin for nearly 10 years, having served on a board of directors at one of Kevin’s companies for pretty much the entire time we have been in business at Spark. In many ways we grew up together in this business. We know each other, work well together and have the highest regard for his character.

I remember when Ev decided to turn off SMS delivery at Twitter back in 2008 because we were paying for every tweet on a variety of mobile carriers. The costs were mounting. It was a painful decision but the right call. Kevin joined a few months later and successfully constructed strategic partnerships with mobile operators so we didn’t have to bear those costs. He continued to lead critically important work at Twitter including a special partnership with Apple that led to integration with iOS. Over the next five years as the company went from 20 employees to thousands, Kevin headed up mobile products, business and corporate development.

We have seen Kevin first hand collaborating with the world’s best founders helping them build and scale their companies and accomplish extraordinary things. We love his passion for new ideas, new products and new technology. We are also grateful for his friendship and trust.

I am over the moon he is joining the team. Please welcome our new partner, Kevin.