Beautiful enterprise apps on my home screen

It wasn’t long ago when the products being deployed inside of an enterprise were treated with disdain. “Our IT folks won’t let us use that software” or “This is the product our company is making me use” were a common refrain. 

And in some places you still hear that sentiment, like in government or financial institutions. Perhaps a joke here would be well timed here but I digress. 

It’s been a few years since I first wrote about enterprise things on this blog and before that I wrote exactly zero things about the subject. 

But there is something rather exciting happening in the world of enterprise software. Yes, its because of mobile and it’s because entrepreneurs are building beautiful products for business customers. 

My iPhone home screen has two mobile “business” apps that I use with regular frequency. A few years ago I didn’t have any on my home screen.  Trello and Slack. We are investors in both companies and while they are mostly business products, they clearly sync with the things I care about. 

These products are a joy to use and every bit of a joy as my favorite consumer mobile apps. They are designed and built to delight the customer and you can feel it with each interaction. 

We have come a long way.