Looking for an iOS app to batch file transfer from a FTP server to Dropbox

My recent photography work flow has changed significantly over the last 5 years. 

All my photographs used to live in iPhoto. But I wanted more. I flirted with Apple Aperture which was pretty to look at but clunky in practice.

My brother suggested Adobe Lightroom and once I got the hang of it, I became hooked. It’s fast and does everything I want.

All of my photographs live in Adobe Lightroom. They get backed up to a Synology NAS in the basement and Crashplan for cloud back up. (I’m likely going to switching away from Crashplan soon).

Over the last 6 months I’m shooting mostly film. I send all my film to Richard Photo Lab in California. After they process and scan, I download the files via FTP into Dropbox. Then the files goto Adobe Lightroom. 

But here’s the thing. I don’t do a lot of fussing in Adobe Lightroom with my film work. That’s the lovely part about film photography. 

So I’m looking to come up with a new workflow. In fact, if I can solve it then I can leave my laptop behind. 

I’m looking for an iOS app (ideally iPad) that will download a folder from a FTP server to my Dropbox account. 

A number of folks have suggested Transmit. Unless I’m missing something, Transmit does allow moving files from a FTP server to Dropbox but you have to do it one file at a time. 

So I’m looking to you dear readers for any suggestions or advice. Has anyone found an iOS app that will batch file transfer from a FTP server to Dropbox. 

Many thanks in advance. 

(ps: if the fine folks at Richard Photo Lab are reading this: I love your lab and your people. You are awesome. But please offer Dropbox support. It would be so awesome).