New Zealand

Last month we visited New Zealand.

According to Wikipedia, New Zealand is the last country discovered by humans.  We got that feeling starting with the flight alone. It’s 18+ hours from the east coast of the United States. And as the plane approached it was clear to us that we have never seen a place like this before.

The country largely speaking is made up of the north island and the south island.

The north is a result of volcanic activity while the south island is a result of glacial activity. The north and south landscape couldn’t look more different and yet it’s all one proud country with a distinct Māori culture and such wonderful people.

I am so grateful we were able to make this trip as a family. It was our first trip to New Zealand but hopefully not our last.

More photographs here.

* * *

These photographs were shot on Kodak Portra film with a Mamiya 7ii and a Leica MP. All images processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab in California.