I’m not loving these big phones

Hands down the best thing about upgrading from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6 is the camera. How they can deliver those images with such a small sensor and lens is truly a miracle. 

I also love how thin, smooth and solid it all is. You can feel the craftsmanship that went into the design of this product.

Except here’s the thing. I’m not loving the size of the iPhone 6.

I’m trying to get into the big screen but the truth is I don’t. It doesn’t feel good in my pocket. I don’t want to run with it. I need to put a case on it because it’s too big to get a good grip on it. I can’t use it one handed which is important to me. The iPhone 6 is so big than I have to take it out of my pocket ever time I’m in a meeting or sit down at a restaurant. I put it on the table and feel ashamed doing that. It’s just there waiting to interrupt me. 

And these phones are only getting bigger. The latest Google Nexus phone is even bigger than the iPhone 6. I believe it is the same size as the iPhone 6+. You can’t get a state of the art Android phone (ie great design, clean OS) unless you buy a phablet (phone + tablet). We now call the one of the most amazing products a phablet. 

I’ve read that iPad growth has stalled a bit and its because the big phones have taken over.

I have an iPad Air. I love that machine. I haven’t upgraded to the latest iPad Air 2 because it works so well. It has nothing to do with my iPhone.

The response to these big phones is the Apple/Google Watch. It’s designed so we don’t need to pull out a big honking phone to read a message.

We now need to strap on a new device to address a drawback of another.

I sincerely hope there are people at Apple that miss the state of the art 4” iPhone like me. I’d love to see the 2015 iPhone come in three sizes: the current two sizes and a return to the 4” screen size with a camera as good as the 6. That would be my phone.

Until then I can only hope we will all outgrow this big phone trend.

Maybe it will be the bell bottoms of our generation.