The Calm

I’m really enjoying Marco’s latest creation, Overcast and as a result I’m listening to more podcasts these days.

As you might expect two podcasts are related to photography: Pdexposures which is a lot of fun for film shooters. It’s three photographers talking about gear and goofing on each other. Highly entertaining.

The Candid Frame is more serious. It’s a weekly 1:1 interview show with a different photographer each week. Charlie Rose style. 

One thing I’ve noticed with many/most of the photographers interviewed on the Candid Frame is the common bond photography has with all of them. Some of the artists are depressed. Some are content and some are currently high on life. They are all at different stages of life and their career.

But regardless of their current situation, they all say describe a similar experience of calm when out making photographs. It doesn’t matter if the photographs were any good that day or not. They have found a source of peace.

I’ve tried meditation on and off. It’s wonderful but for some reason it comes and goes with me. I’m sure it’s me. 

But I absolutely do share and treasure that feeling of calm when I’m out taking photos. With my business travel schedule, I think photography in some ways has saved me …. or at the very least has made my travel routine less stressful.