In August we were introduced to hurling during our trip to Ireland. It’s hard to describe in words but it’s the filled with non stop action, amazing agility and team work and fantastic goals. 

The All Ireland semi-final games were being played and we became hooked. We watched the semifinals matches, bought our own sticks and played a backyard game with Lauren’s cousins. 

It’s really an amazing game. 

Today was the All Ireland Final — Kilkenny vs Tipperary.

Kilkenny is basically like the Yankees (except this league is amateur, not professional). They have a history of winning these finals. They say in Ireland that Kilkenny children are born a hurley in their hand. 

Tipp was the challenger. 

Comcast didn’t broadcast the game but we found the match online here. After punching in my credit card we had access to the game. We streamed it to our big screen tv via AirPlay. Worked like a charm. 

The match was fantastic. An overview of the game here as well as these awesome tweets

It ended in a tie. I love that they will just play a rematch in a few weeks and didn’t resort to sudden death or a shoot out. 

The rematch is on Sept 27th.

I can’t wait.