An unexpected Dropcam experience

A few months back I bought a few Dropcams and set them up in our house.

I wanted to have an easy way to check on things as we travel quite a bit and there are a number of folks that have keys to our place.

I was also curious about the technology and wanted to see first hand how it all worked.

Initially Lauren and the kids made a few jokes about living under house arrest and my son would often make funny faces in front of the cameras.

But after a week or so everyone just ignored them.

That’s when it got interesting.

One morning before the kids went to school I was heading down the stairs and my son was heading up the stairs. He gave me an impromptu hug.

About an hour later I thought, “hey that hug was in front of one of the dropcams”

I fired up the app and sure enough I had this video of the awesome hug.

As you might guess we take a lot of photographs in our house. Some are candid and some are posed. But I don’t take much videos. And if I do they are during special events like Christmas morning or a birthday party.

But now I have these cameras recording the every day. The good, the bad, the ugly. In other words life.

I have the dog jumping on the counter when no one is looking, the kids ignoring us, the laughs & the cries, dancing my wife in the kitchen as well her looking less than happy when I’m late.

I am now making a point to grab video clips and sticking them in iMovie each month. I’m hoping I end up with something special, something real. It’s just for us.

I didn’t expect this use case when I ordered the Dropcams. But it is my favorite thing about it.