Goodbye 2013

What a year.

In many ways it was a blur. I’m kinda shocked this year is done. Feels like yesterday I was running around with the kids over Labor Day weekend.

But it wasn’t yesterday and so many things happened this year

Two portfolio companies that I spent the most time with since becoming a VC (tumblr and twitter) reached incredible milestones in their own respective ways.

We invested in many new exciting companies this year as well. I’m proud of all them and for their diversity (eg media, social, consumer hardware, financial services and even an electric bicycle !)

We raised our fourth fund this year which means we have the honor and opportunity to continue working with exceptional people.

I learned a lot about being a dad and husband this year as well. Lauren and I celebrated 18 years together and in a few months it will be #19. I know how lucky I am.

My oldest girl started high school this year. That is still something I’m coming to terms with.

Two of my kids had some tough illnesses this year. It wasn’t easy for them and it sure wasn’t easy on the rest of the family. The stress almost broke us a few nights. Or maybe it did in occasion.

But these days I hope and pray that those sick days are behind us and we will find 2014 a year of healthy kids. All signs make me quite optimistic.

My love for photography and meeting photographers all over the planet has been a personal joy. I am experimenting with film and digital. The former makes me cry and delighted at times. The latter is a new learning each time I hold the camera in my hands.

We have made some big plans for 2014. Some are radical that we may keep or modify. But we are moving on from some things that have felt comfortable. We are going to try new things in new ways. I’m excited.

And thanks to all of you that have been part of my life.

Happy new year everyone!