I have been on vacation for the past week with my family.

And while the time off has been a blessing, I confess that I truly didn’t feel like i was on vacation until yesterday. That was when my head and heart went clicked into place and I was taking in each moment. 

I wish I had a better way to get to this place faster on vacation. Maybe this time of year is just so busy that it takes awhile to fully downshift. The kids schedule was nuts the last month. Work was busier than ever. At the same time I’ve been training for the marathon.

So I have another week before the crazy starts all over again. I have been reflecting on what I want next year and beyond. At the same time I’m trying to let go and not rush & try to figure out so many unanswered questions either. It’s all a work in progress. 

It feels mighty fine to detox. When the kids get up we are going to explore this place and then I’m going to go for a run.