I am running the Boston Marathon in 2014 and would love your support

Last year, our city and country was rocked by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon just a few blocks away from my office. It was a very sad day we will never forget. 

I vowed to run the following year and I’m making good on that promise. It will be my very first marathon. I am not trying to break any speed records but hope to finish strong and healthy. I’ve been running and taking care of myself.

I also wanted to run for a non profit. My friend Dennis Crowley (cofounder/ceo at foursquare) connected me to the fine folks at Camp Interactive. Dennis has been a supporter of Camp Interactive over the years and ran last year Boston Marathon on their behalf. 

So this year I’m on the Camp Interactive team as well. It’s a wonderful, important program that introduces the creative power of technology to inner city, at risk youth. I am inspired by their passion and the work that they do. It’s wonderful.

I am running this upcoming Boston Marathon for my city and my community. And now I’m also running for the kids of Camp Interactive. I would love your help and support. I’m starting things off with the first donation and would be extremely grateful for any amount you might give

Thanks so much.