That tension between the future vs past and big vs small

If you follow this blog at all you will know that I am an admirer of Amazon. A company born on the Internet and led by one of the most compelling founders maybe ever.

The company has this crazy and rare combination of risk taking, operational excellence and long term thinking. It’s fucking extraordinary.

And I routinely validate their value in this world. I encourage startups to leverage Amazon Web Services. Our family routinely has Amazon deliveries every month. And I respect their success and ambition.

Yet I do find myself torn.

I make a point to buy more things from smaller boutique places online. I loved using Svpply (our portfolio company before being acquired by eBay). It would lead me to all sorts of places that I hadn’t heard of previously.

I also find myself buying locally when traveling from small independent shops whether in the Mission district in SF or Brooklyn NY or Cambridge MA.

That tension between the new vs past and big vs small is a big deal with me.

Somehow I admire the future but appreciate the past. And i suppose I’m drawn to pull for the little guy/gal whenever possible.