Thank you, Twitter.

I started using Twitter before I met the founders. It was more curiosity than anything else. 

Rather immediately I was taken by this combination of simplicity, utility and fun. And it worked via sms which meant it would go with me everywhere. 

It was far more compelling than I could possibly have imagined. 

Shortly after that, I reached out to the founders. I met Biz first, then Ev & Jack. Then Goldman. Beyond their amazing talents, the team had passion for their work like I had never seen before. 

We made our initial investment in 2008. There was something like 15 employees in the company. 

Over the next 6 years, I saw a team that worked impossibly long hours. They recruited extraordinary people to join the flock that have given Twitter their all. The founders are all beyond amazing but it would have been simply impossible without the all of the employees that made/make Twitter work every single day. 

And throughout all of their massive growth (user base, revenue, employees, financing) they kept their culture. They kept their taste. They kept their priorities. They kept their sense of humor. They kept their promise to defend the users voice even when governments demanded otherwise and other tech companies chose the easier path and looked the other way. 

Yes, I’m proud to be an early shareholder in this magical company as they go public today. But I’m also beyond proud and grateful to be a member of this Twitter community. It has given me so much by connecting me to the ones I love and things that inform and delight me every single day.

Congratulations Twitter. You changed the world.