AVC: a decade later

Fred’s got a post up this morning noting his past ten years of starting AVC and USV.

As usual it’s a great read. The blog has evolved quite a bit. I remember reading it before we started Spark Capital and i would go hang out on that blog, read about Fred’s view on technology, listen to tunes, his podcast and his links.

That blog has been a gift to many of us in startup land. It has called a spade a spade, shined a light on tech policy, given us cool product reviews and reminded us that our passions for startups go well beyond the IRR.

Some of my favorite posts include Web 2.0 is a gift, carried interest, mobile first, and of course his very first post pointing out that family is more important than work.

I first met Fred before he cofounded USV, and before we started Spark Capital. We had lunch with Steve Kane in Cambridge. He was raising money for USV and was sharing their plans to focus on the “application layer of the internet”. I was quite impressed with his insight and the type of firm he wanted to build.

As I was having lunch with Fred last week, I was reflecting on all that has happened over the past decade. It has been a pleasure getting to know Fred and considering him one of my close friends. He has taught me a lot and I’m grateful for that.

Thanks Fred.