Discovering your passion & work in connected communities

I continue to be in awe of our online connected communities that where we discover our passions and then allow us to act on it in ways we previously didn’t consider possible for ourselves.

Just a few examples:

There are folks getting book deals from their contributions on Tumblr. Here is one of my favorites

I know people that join creative marketplaces like Storenvy and Etsy and are able to quit their day job and focus 100% on building their craft and business.

You see it in places like Uber as well. Drivers starting out doing odd jobs on Uber and then developing enough business to work for themselves.

Over the past year, I’ve met extraordinary photographers that found their talents with the arrival of the iPhone 4 & Instagram a few years back. Through their beautiful imagery, they gained a massive following which led to a professional career in photography. It wasn’t pro photographers going to Instagram. It was the other way around. 

Absolutely wonderful. 

We have invested in Storenvy, Skillshare, Kitchensurfing and some even newer communities (we haven’t announced yet) —— I hope they all can help people work for themselves and focus on their true love.