To those unaware (or too young to remember), “Crackberry” was the name many of us called our Blackberry once upon a time.

I was an early and loyal user. From the early days of with a pager style version and up until winning my title

The Blackberry was a beloved product for sure. It was designed to do one thing — always on email in your pocket. And it did that thing very well. 

It was so novel and addicting many users reported phantom vibrations when the device wasn’t with them. They just felt it anyway.

All of this seems like a lifetime ago as Blackberry is now looking for a buyer. The past half a decade or so has not been kind to the company. Apple and Google have catapulted in front with products that make mobile the most important part of our connected lives. 

However, this was a company many large companies would have loved to acquire back in the day. It would have been a perfect acquisition for Microsoft. Strong enterprise penetration and a seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange server.

I have no idea what someone will pay to acquire the company but its far less than what it was worth years ago. It feels simply too late. Shouldn’t the board have acted sooner?

Perhaps, but it likely looks a lot easier from the outside than the inside.

I’ve been on many boards where you just want to believe in the future that is better than today.

You see the new products on the roadmap and they look exciting. The team is fired up. Maybe this product will be the one to get things back on track. You want to believe. You don’t want to be the asshole sitting in the board room being negative while management and the employees are working like crazy working. 

Sometimes I have gotten it right. Staying positive through rough times was the right call. Or calling a spade a spade during the tough times.

But lord knows I’ve also gotten it wrong by waiting too long.

Just wanting to believe.