It’s more complicated

Our social networks and platforms have given us enormous opportunity — to learn, play, discover, share and connect.

It’s amazing.

I know it’s changed my life. I continue to learn every day. And I’ve met people in real life that started online. I’m grateful for that.

There are some of us that choose to use this opportunity to share only one part of oursevles. We see folks active online but only share one part of their lives, e.g., their work-self.

It’s a safe place for sure. A tweet about your company, or your product or tech news. It’s all good. And if you can be interesting or witty about the subject at hand, then, heck all the better.

I know I dutifully follow people online who fit this description.

I’ve increasingly shared more and more photography on my Tumblr. It’s becoming an outlet for creativity and man, it’s so much fun.

So my online presence has evolved and now a combination of my work life, music I love and photographs I make.

This weekend I received a few private emails from folks that said something like, “based on your tweets and tumblr photographs it looks like things are going great for you”

And the truth is I’m happy and healthy. Likely happier than I’ve been in sometime. I was in a funk late last year and had a hard time shaking it.

These emails reminded me we are often share (mostly) the good times online.

And I’m as guilty as the next.

I don’t share the times I’ve let a friend down. Or the time my kid was upset that i missed her game. Or the time when I’m on a date with my wife and I’m beyond exhausted from the red eye flight I took that day. Or the time someone in my work life was stressing me out. Or the time over father’s day when I saw my wife miss her dad who passed away many years ago way before it was time.

The list goes on.

It’s too easy to share only the positive stuff. The good stuff. The sweet stuff. The stuff we want to look back on, smile and cherish.

“Ah that was a great vacation”

“My kid is growing up so fast”

“I love our beautiful new puppy”.

I’m not discounting any of this. They play and serve an important role in my life and I appreciate that.

But it’s not the only part of our lives. It’s always more complicated.