How far back can you remember?

After dinner last night, Lauren and I were talking about some of our earliest memories.

She has the most specific memories of her childhood. She can recall the color of her bedroom walls from the house she lived in as well as other specifics that are amazing to me. 

My memory is completely different.

For example, we lived in one house when I was 5-10years old and then moved. I don’t remember really anything at all about that house except the neighborhood, the kids on the block, playing basketball in our driveway and playing the backyard. I couldn’t describe the kitchen or anything else really about the inside.

I know my parents have some photos of our lives in that house. I do remember photographs that they have in their albums from one of my birthday parties. I can see that in my mind right now. But really, other than that, the details are far and few between. 

I wonder in the future if we will have ways to visit the past in a way that is beyond photographs. Will we be able to visit the past and watch and hear it go by in vivid detail. 

Imagine if something like Google Glass would record every single thing you see and record it to the cloud. Always on and always recording.

I’m sure that would be scary to many folks but I’d love to walk through my old kitchen and watch our family dinner in action.