We are both nuts

When an entrepreneur and an investor decide they want to get into business together there is magic in the air.

In the best of situations both the founder and the investor take the time to get to know each other, understand if they see the world the same way and have shared expectations about the future… and shared expectations about the uncertainty as well. They are both motivated to make it work and for the right reasons. That feeling is extraordinary.

The optimist in me says there is much more to this connection than a simple marriage of convenience where the founder needs capital and the investor has capital and is looking for talent.

Take a look at Fred’s post today. I’m writing this on my phone so can’t link but you can point your browser here.


Great post as usual.

And here’s the punchline. Most startups don’t work. The odds are against us right from the start.

So you gotta be a little crazy to start a company. And you gotta be a little crazy to invest money and time into a startup.

And that’s why we are drawn to each other.

We are both a little nuts