The “why” behind the company

There are a lot of interesting ideas out there in startup land. The ideas are varied and hardly ever the same. 

But where do they come from. Or, perhaps the better question is why. Why do founders want to start these companies and build these things. 

Some ideas take advantage of white space in the market.

Some ideas are inspired because of the market size. 

Some ideas come from the founders wanting to scratch their own itch. 

Some ideas come from founders where the itch is a lifelong mission.

Some ideas come from being opportunistic. 

Some ideas come from founders who can’t imagine doing anything else

Some ideas come from founders who hate the status quo. 

Some ideas come from a simple moment. 

Some come from anger or emotion

Some are by sheer accident.

It’s always interesting to hear the “why” when founders start a company. It’s often much more compelling than the “how”. 

I’m going to ask a few founders in our portfolio to write a guest post & share the “why” behind their desire to start a company.

I hope to share that with you soon.