Some thoughts on wearable computing

Wearable computing has arrived. 

It’s still early days for sure but even today I have two devices with me pretty much all the time — my mobile phone and a Nike Fuelband. 

I’m excited about the future of wearable connected devices. My Fuelband is powerful but physically clunky, software isn’t great, and isn’t friendly to 3rd parties. Other than that it’s great :) 

Apple and Google are also getting into the wearable game. It’s an opportunity to break the market wide open. 

It’s hard to say when the Apple Watch will ship if ever. The iPhone was commonly called the “jesus phone” for many years while people waited. Do you remember this wacky first attempt. But I hope they ship the Watch. It’s a very exciting category. I pre-ordered the Pebble as well. 

Google Glass is equally interesting and exciting for me. Let me just get this out of the way. I’m buying one as soon as there is a place for me to order one. 

The open question Google needs to answer is whether Google Glass will feel as socially awkward as bluetooth headphones or will it be a revolutionary first step like the bag phone.

As a fan of Ready Player One, I’m so ready to jump into the Oasis.