A new theme and a new passion

This blog has taken me in a few unexpected directions since I first jumped into the Tumblr pool some five years ago. 

It has been a place to share my personal life and my work life. Basically a place to share who I am, what I’m thinking about and what I’m interested in at any given time. 

One of the first communities that got me completely hooked here was the music community. It was strong when I joined and remains incredibly strong today. So many great bands and members of the Tumblr community expressing their love for music every day. And Tumblr’s native music experience got better with things like Spotify integration, Soundcloud integration and album art.

While my love for music continues, I seem to have discovered a new passion for photography. And the Tumblr photography community is absolutely inspiring. As I’m following more photographers, my dashboard lights up with beautiful stories and images. It’s highly curated by the author and gives me new things to think about each day. 

I’ll update this post with all of the photographers I follow on Tumblr but off the top of my head a few include:






You’ll notice one thing in common with all of the Tumblelogs above except for the last one. They all use the High Res theme created by Justin Ouellette (Justin crazy talented and also happens to work at Tumblr). High Res is clean and simple. And I love how photos look. So I’m giving it a try.

A new theme for my new passion.