The health of a platform (continued)

There are a lot of wars in the mobile and social space these days.

Perhaps, the wars are in every sector but I’m focused on mobile and social so I see it more.

Anyway, Google is unique because they build apps and they build a platform (android).

Several months ago, I was thinking out loud if Google would make a version of Maps for iOS that would be as good as their Android version. There were varied opinions if Google would do that. Many believed Maps is a killer mobile app and Google would keep it for themselves. 

I was hoping they would put down their weapons and focus on their users first and wrote this at the time.

This is the opportunity for Google to change the cycle of history and these platform wars. I’d love to see Google step up and create a kick ass version of Maps for iOS *and* Android. It would take courage and conviction and it would be inspiring. 

Last week Google did just that. They build a kick ass version of Maps for iOS. And during that same week they build a kick ass version of Gmail for iOS. It has replaced the native mail app for me. 

Google gave some folks one less reason to buy an Android phone. But I’m delighted they are paying attention to their users first vs giving their platform and unfair advantage. And for these decisions, I say, good on you Google.

There are plenty of other areas where Google and other companies in the mobile and social space can put down their weapons, call and truce and take care of their users. But last week was a refreshing start and I’m happy about that.