Sony RX100 review

Yesterday we took the kids to the Justin Bieber concert. 

My kids are big fans and they had an absolute blast. 

I usually have either my Leica M9P at my side but it has one achilles heel which is low light. Also, I didn’t think I would be able to follow the action with a manual focus camera. And I didn’t want to carry my heavy DSLR either. 

So I ended up borrowing my brother @aminsabet’s Sony RX100 .

I took about 100 photos during the night and got a feel for the camera. Here’s my quick review.

• It’s very small. I don’t wear skinny jeans or baggy jeans. just normal cut jeans and the camera fit easily in my front pocket. made it very convenient.

• Concerts are typically pretty hard because you are either dealing with darkness and shadows or intense lighting which can blow out photos. The Sony RX100 took much better photos than the iPhone5 I also had with me. Wide open is f/1.8 which made low light possible and it was nice having a zoom as well and w.  

I’m sure I could have taken better photos with my Nikon or Olympus em5. But both of those are substantially bigger than the Sony. 

• The RX100 serves as both a basic point & shoot camera as well as offering full manual controls. It was quick & simple to change the aperture and exposure compensation during the night. 

• The shutter is very fast & deadly quiet. The latter didn’t matter much in a concert setting but in a different environment it would make a positive difference. 

• I like that you can charge the battery by just plugging into a standard mini USB cable. Much easier than yet another proprietary camera charger pack. 

I’ll end this post with a few photos of the evening. I’m a big fan of this camera as a DSLR companion or if your primary camera is a mobile phone and you want something more capable.