Why we invested in Picturelife

Our personal media & content are so valuable to us. They are our dearest shoebox. They are contain all our memories. They are our time machine.

A few days ago Fred wrote about disaster and the cloud. He shared a very personal experience about how important the cloud is in his life. That’s exactly right. We all want to our content safe and beautifully available. 

Earlier this year, my partner Nabeel started scouring the planet in search of a solution to manage all of our digital photographs. Not just the ones we want to share publicly. All of them. We talked about it on one of our earliest podcasts

The sinking feeling was that our photographs aren’t all in one place and beautifully available. 

For example, my wife takes tons of photos on her iPhone but they have been stuck there. I’m guessing there at least 1k photos on her phone that haven’t made it to Facebook or Twitter. They are just stuck and not in our family collection. 

In our view Picturelife is the most promising and exciting attempt to solve this problem. 

I’ve been using Picturelife for several months and it’s very comforting to know all of our photos are safe and available across all my mobile devices. 

Nabeel led the investment for us and wrote a great post about our investment in Picturelife. TechCrunch also covered the investment as well. 

I’m thrilled that we are working with Charles again along with a Nate, Jacob and their mighty fine team.

Speaking of personal, old & important photos, here’s one of me, Charles and David Karp from early 2008.