Tumblr Photoset

On Tumblr, you can post a variety of different things. A text post, or a quote, or a song, or a video. And of course you can post a photo.

On any given day, I post at least one of those things right here on bijansabet.com which is on Tumblr. 

Awhile back, Tumblr introduced photosets as new way to upload a series of photos in a single post to tell a story. I like that feature a lot and I’ve created several photosets like this one, this one and this one

Oh, and here’s a photoset by the President. No big deal. 

Photosets designs and layouts are wonderful. You can also click or tap on each photo and get a full view of the pic. It works great on desktop browsers and mobile browsers.

But there was always on thing missing when it came to photosets. You could only create them on your computer. There was no way to create them on your phone.

Until now. 

Today Tumblr launched a standalone app called Photoset. It’s simple and stunning. You can create photoset on your iPhone and post to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. 

Give it a try and drop a link in the comments or Tumblr replies with your own photoset. I’d love to see it.