Random Sunday thoughts

I don’t have a particular topic to share but a few random thoughts I thought I’d jot down.

1. I get asked a bunch about digital photography workflow. I try to keep things simple. I shoot everything in Raw. I bring it all into Adobe Lightroom. I nuke the ones that are out of focus. I apply VSCO presets to the ones I love for film emulation. Couldn’t be easiser. I back up everything to Crashplan. 

2. I bought an iPhone 5 on Friday. I heard there were long lines at the Apple store so I was surprised when I saw zero lines at the Verizon store in Union Square. I walked in and out 20 minutes later. 

I got one a black one for me and a white one for @laurensabet. My wife and daughter both feel like the lighter weight makes it feel cheap (compared to the iPhone 4S). I think it feels nice. I also love how even with a bigger screen, I can still use it one handed. I know the new maps has a bunch of clear shortcomings, but it hasn’t been an issue for me personally and I’m a heavy maps user. The killer feature for me is LTE. 

3. LTE on the iPhone makes browsing a joy. But apps just seem to snap into place. Easier to post a photo. Foursquare checkins are faster. Streaming music is smooth and wonderful. Getting online this fast is such a thrill. I feel like LTE in your pocket with amazing software is the mobile world we have been always waiting for. 

4. I had a chance to say a few words at the Tumblr all hands meeting on Friday about the 5 year anniversary. It was great to meet see the old timers (hah!) and meet so many new people too.

5. Sunday nights are my nights to cook for the family. It’s not easy when you’re the only vegetarian in the house. But my kids put up with me :) 

6. The weather has been beautiful around here lately. I’ll end this post with a snap I took the other day in the South End.