Grinding it out and building lifelong relationships

We have invested in nearly 70 companies since the day we opened our doors just seven years ago at Spark Capital.

Each founding team has a different story. A different reason why they are doing what are doing what they are doing. 

Each team has their own set of challenges and demons. 

Aaron Levie’s tweet this morning serves as a good reminder.

All of our portfolio companies struggle through tough times.

Its never easy. It always looks easier from the outside which is why it can be frustrating to folks on the outside. Why can’t they move faster? Why can’t they ship sooner? What’s going on with morale right now? Why are these big companies trying to kill our small portfolio company?

Many founders have a tough time dealing with this. And it’s hard to blame them. It’s beyond difficult.

To the ones that grind it out, day after day, well…I frankly couldn’t be more proud to be associated with. It’s an honor. 

One person in particular struck me this week. Out of respect, I won’t mention his name but this guy has been through the works. He lost his mom recently to a terrible illness. His cofounder left the company. Big companies are routinely doing their best to destroy him using the most ugly techniques I’ve seen in a long time.

But he’s grinding it out and making it happen the best way he can. He treats his employees and investors with respect and honesty. Some days are tough but this week he’s having a good week and I couldn’t be happier for him.

This hasn’t been an easy experience for any one in the company. Especially the founder/ceo. But everyone is rooting for him and this team. And I will go to the mat to try and support him the best I can. 

Whether this company works out or not – he’s my hero for life.