The honor system

Yesterday we explored Kauai by bike. 

It’s absolutely my favorite way to see a new place. 

Along the way, we hit a fruit stand which had the most amazing apple bananas I’ve ever had. There was no one running the stand. Instead it used the honor system. Take what you want and leave money in the box. 

We ended up putting more money in the box than the amount of fruit we took. There is no change in the honor system. 

For the next several miles I couldn’t get the honor system out of my head. 

I know artists have used the honor system with new music. Several years back Radiohead successfully launched a “In Rainbows” using the honor system

Artists using Bandcamp can set their own price as well and many of them do just that. 

We haven’t seen other types of media companies, content owners or mobile developers try this method.  

Would you pay money for any free apps that you use right now? Would you pay more money than what the developer is currently charging? Would you pay for podcasts or blogs that are currently free? 

It would be interesting if the iOS app store or Android store allowed this as a choice. I know I’d use it.