My new Retina MacBook Pro

Yesterday I received my Retina MacBook Pro.

I went a little nuts and bought the top of the line config: 16 gigs of RAM (!) and a 750GB SSD.

This thing is a screamer.

The Retina MacBook Pro replaces my trusty 13" MacBook Air

Some observations: 

This display is under hyped. Its absolutely beautiful. 

It’s nice having a full, no compromise computer.

Using Lightroom on this thing is wonderful. My photos look stunning.

I have all my photos and home videos on this Retina MBP. I back it all up to the cloud using CrashPlan. I upload all my photos to PictureLife. Videos goto Dropbox and Cloudee. All my work and personal docs are sync’d between the Retina MBP and the iMac in my office using Dropbox. Its nice not use to the “selective sync” dropbox feature anymore. 

I’m finding WiFi to be more reliable than the MBA.

My 13" Macbook Air’s fans were very noisy. The Retina MBP is quiet. 

I don’t have any plans on installing MS Office. 

The only MS desktop app I installed was Skype. 

I’ve got Chrome installed but it hasn’t been updated for retina. So I’m using mostly Safari.

It’s such a treat to have 3 retina displays in my life: iPhone 4S, iPad 3, and the Retina MBP. Makes me hate my TV all the more. The flickering Kindle is dead to me. 

The size and weight of the Retina MBP isn’t problematic. Yet the size of this machine is very noticeable which makes the iPad use case more obvious to me.

I haven’t been able to convince Lauren to upgrade her MacBook Pro which means I need to get these silly magsafe adapters

I haven’t felt this way about a Mac in a long long time.