Mobile optimized sites

According to Google Analytics about 18% of the folks that visit my Tumblr at are using a mobile device (phone or tablet). Google Analytics only sees a small subset of the traffic because most people that check out this site follow me on Tumblr and view the content via the Dashboard.

Regardless, I’m guessing the ratio is about the same of mobile vs desktop traffic. 

Anyway, when you visit my Tumblr I display the full web site. It looks the same whether you are on an Android browser or iOS browser or Chrome on the desktop.

Tumblr gives the owner a choice to present a mobile optimized version as an alternative.

This morning I’m changing my settings to default to the mobile optimized view. My custom theme will be removed for mobile browsing but I think it will be much easier on the eyes.

You can still leave a comment on a post but scrolling to the bottom of the page and tapping “Standard view”.

Let me know if you like it better the old way or the new way.