Thinking through the switch from the Air to the Retina MacBook Pro

The new retina MacBook Pro looks sweet. Thinner, faster, more storage and oh boy all of those pixels.

But my 13” MacBook Air has served me and my back very well. Its light and fits neatly on a the coach tray when I’m flying back and forth across the country. The biggest limitation of the MBA is when I use Lightroom. The screen size and resolution isn’t ideal for photo editing. (wonder how long Adobe will take to upgrade Lightroom for retina displays )

If it wasn’t for the iPad 3, I wouldn’t consider the retina MacBook. Since I have an iPad3, I could switch to heavier laptop and just use the ipad for quick trips. 

So I’m on the fence and wondering if I should take the plunge. My friend @kevinthau seems to have my number

What about all of you Air owners. Are you going to make the switch ?