Backbeat Go (review)

The other day I saw these wireless headphones called the Backbeat Go

They looked pretty sweet so I ordered them and they arrived on Friday. 

Here’s my quick review.

-very simple to pair with the iphone. the iphone also does smart things when you are near other paired bluetooth devices. for example, when i get in my car and make a call, the iphone lets you toggle between which device you want to use. it’s very fast.

-i like the short length a lot. it means it can hang around my neck without getting in the way and for once I don’t have headphones that tangle up

-they fit me fine when you just walk around the city or wherever. although on my run today, i noticed the left earbud wasn’t the best fit. it wasn’t too much of a big deal. I’m going to try one of the other buds they provided in the box. obviously your own ears may have a better or worse fit. sweat didn’t cause a problem.

-the only downside to these things is that it’s another device to charge every night. it has a standard micro-usb connector and comes with a charger. for my use, i get a full day without a problem. 

-i’m happy with the audio quality for music and for making phone calls. better than the standard headset that apple provides with the iphone. 

so that’s it. hope it helps.