Wi-Fi Calling

In our house, cellular coverage is a big problem.

Basically I can only get coverage if I’m in a few rooms at best. The vast majority of my inbound calls go to voicemail. (Maybe that’s a feature not a bug – especially on weekends!) My primary mobile phone is an iPhone on Verizon’s network. 

I’m a Google Voice user but I don’t want work calls routed to my home number. That would drive my wife crazy. 

I’ve tried various micro-cells over the years and they don’t work for me either.

A few weeks ago I picked up a HTC One S. It’s a beautiful Android phone. I love it. Best Android powered hardware I’ve ever touched. I use the One S and my iphone 4s interchangeably. The only app I miss on the Android is Hipstamatic

My absolute favorite feature on the One S is Wi-Fi calling. Basically when my phone connects to our home wifi network it automatically turns the cellular network off and I can make & receive calls with my own number over Wi-Fi.

I realize that this is an old feature to many of you t-mo users out there. But I can tell my fellow VZW and ATT friends, this feature is amazing. It just works.