Which app do you miss the most? (continued)

The other day I tweeted, “which failed startup’s app do you miss the most?”

I got a number of interesting responses. 

One that touched my heart was Andy Weissmann’s response:

But by far, the most popular response I got was from folks like Jason who missed Kozmo the most:

I never had the opportunity to use Kozmo since they didn’t exist in places that I lived. But it feels like their customers were big big fans of the service. 

For the most part, I miss mostly things that grow stale and stop innovating (e.g. Tivo, Flickr, etc) instead of failing altogether. 

There are a number of startups that were killed off by their owners that I do miss (like ffflick and Danger). And Napster brings back a lot of memories. We were loyal Webvan users when our daughter was first born. That was a big help in those days. 

Considering how many startups fail, it’s interesting to think about the ones that you miss….or don’t.