Emailing content to your app

One of the coolest things about Disqus, which powers the comments on
my tumblr, is that I can publish comments via email.

It’s quick and efficient. If I lose connectivity the mail client is
smart enough to try again later on its own.

Several other apps provide a way to email content to their app. During
board meetings I often take notes with the iPads built in Notes app.
After the mtg I email that note to Evernote.

I also email stuff to Simple Note. And I’m writing this very post in
my mail client which I will email to Tumblr shortly. Once upon a time
i used to email photos to flickr which automatically shared it to
twitter. But yahoo has been letting me down and twitters own photo
sharing is fast and simple.

I’m not sure in a world of apps how much people will use email as a
publishing method. But I really enjoy it and hope developers continue
to make it an option.