Transforming a community, one developer at a time

Ever since we left SF and moved to Boston, our family goes somewhere warm for school vacation each February. It’s our time to thaw out, slow down, spend quality time together and have fun.

So this week we are doing just that

And while I’m loving the time with my family at a beautiful place, this island/community needs a transformation. 

This island has two sources of jobs essentially. Tourism and fishing. But I’m told it’s mostly tourism. 

There is nothing wrong with the tourism industry as we know many cities in the US rely on tourism. But if it’s the majority of job creation or preservation than it doesn’t feel right to me.

Thanks to the internet you can start a company anywhere. But we need more people to learn how to code to make good on this opportunity. I’m thrilled that places like Code Academy and Stack Overflow are helping people learn these valuable skills.

I’d love to see people on this island and this community learn to program. It would transform this place and I believe it’s possible. One developer at a time.