Wanted: an app that tells me if this food is good for me

For the last few years I’ve tried to eat better.

We buy things locally grown and organic whenever possible.

But finding and eating things that are good for you isn’t easy.

I’m a vegetarian and I’m always looking for ways to get protein. I found this vegetarian hamburger mix the other day in Whole Foods. I was in a hurry with the kids but since it was Whole Foods, i threw it in my basket and brought it home.

Later in the week I decided to try it out. I peeked at the ingredients and saw this

I have no idea what Methylcellulose means. And I don’t know what “natural flavors” means. And that amount of Sodium doesn’t seem right to me either. 

I’m gonna take the time to research this product later today. But I should be able to do this before I buy it. And like most people I don’t have time to do a lot of research everytime I want to buy food.

Instead, I’d love a crowd sourced mobile app to solve this for me. Or please let me know if one exists. 

Any other advice on finding healthy stuff to eat?