Thinking about shared connected devices

Today’s connected devices are more interesting than ever.

And we know know- the the simpler the better.

My 10yr got a kindle for Christmas this year. I didn’t have to teach her how to use it. The Kindle is linked to my Amazon Kindle account. She finds a book, buys a book and reads a book. Repeat. She is happy and I’m happy.

Except that my Kindle account is also linked to my Twitter account.

So earlier today Ellie finished her latest book and then at the ended rated it.

Her Kindle then auto tweeted this

It looks like I read that book when I didn’t.

The same thing happens on our family Sonos. We have multiple services on the Sonos. Rdio, pandora and Twitter.

But they are all linked to my accounts on the Sonos. So my wife @laurensabet can’t tweet out a song from the Sonos without it looking like it came from me. Also if she adds an artist to the Rdio “Collection” it will end up in my Rdio account

These connected devices in our lives are personal but they are increasingly shared. The MacBook in our kitchen is a shared computer. So is the one in our study. My kids grab my phone at a moments notice to do stuff. Our TV is shared but I should be able to “fav” things in the future. Where will that show up?

Our apps , services and software need to do a better job thinking through shared experiences.

(please excuse lack of links and typos. wrote this on my phone while my kids weren’t using it)