Why Android is important

I remember reading on some blog that Android is important because the world needs a counter balance to Apple’s domination of the smartphone market.

I’ve read other people’s opinions that we need Android because it’s an open platform where google doesn’t act as a gatekeeper.

To me the importance of android is what Andrew McLaughlin (@McAndrew) said to me a few weeks back as we were sharing a taxi over to Tumblr.

Andrew said the reason why he is excited about Android is because it has the ability to bring smartphones all over the planet and at very low prices. And the impact of connecting and empowering people in the farthest corners of the globe will be enormous.

Its easy to get carried away by the apple va google mobile war. I’m certainly inspired by the product excellence on both sides but neither side is a true underdog anymore. Those days are long gone.

But I think Android will help communities that are unable to get the iPhone. That’s the part about Android that gets me excited.

(please excuse typos and lack of links. wrote this on my phone)