Public vs private sharing

My public sharing is mostly made up of Tumblr and Twitter.

I love those services and use them every single day.

And while I’m someone that appreciates public sharing, I do value private sharing as well.

These days the vast majority of my private sharing is with Kik. My wife uses it and so does my oldest daughter (younger kids don’t have phones yet). My brother and parents use Kik. And my closest work colleagues use Kik. I’m hoping in the new year all of the execs in our portfolio and all of my close friends join Kik as well. Its the best cross platform mobile messaging app hands down.

I’ve been wrestling with Facebook for years. A few years back I cut my FB friends back from 500 or so to 100. But all the various privacy controls are dizzing. And I’m way into this stuff.

Foursquare in my mind does the best job at managing private and public sharing. My foursquare check ins show up only to those I’ve friended on foursquare unless I explicitly send the check in to Twitter which I’ll sometimes do.

The latest version of Path is a joy to use. I think of it as my private twitter or Facebook as I’ve always wanted to be. Private. And unlike facebook, its all private and the app is a thing of beauty. Im using Path more and more. Earlier today I posted a request to my Facebook friends to join Path and friend me. Already a number of them have done that

I hope the rest do.

Disclosure: my firm, Spark Capital, is an investor in Tumblr, Twitter, Foursquare and Kik

(Please excuse typos and lack of links. Wrote this on my phone)