Geofencing has arrived

Last week, i jotted down some notes about my iPhone 4S and briefly mentioned geofencing

The first thing that happened to me as I walked up to my building yesterday was this push notification from Foursquare. 

So damn useful and awesome. 

And I’m using Apple’s Reminder app frequently as well getting push notifications when I get home or walk into the office. 

I can’t stop thinking about geofencing apps tied to push notification.

My mind is racing with all sorts of things that will get better thanks to geofencing
I think my calendar should get a lot smarter. I’m thinking my camera should get smarter as well. We will see some of our favorite mobile first apps get crazy good thanks to geofencing enhancements. And I’m looking forward to brand new apps that are thinking about this from the start. 

Many of us have been waiting for Augmented Reality to deliver us the future when it comes to next generation mobile apps. AR is cool but hasn’t really given us concrete stuff that i can use daily.

On the other hand, geofencing has arrived.

Its certainly the early days and I’m ready.